Eyebrow Threading



This ancient art of removing unwanted hairs from the eyebrows, lip area and rest of the face has been practiced in the Middle East for centuries. Due to its accurate and striking effects it has also grown in popularity in the West, offering women access to well-defined and beautifully shaped brows.

Eyebrow threading is generally much quicker than tweezing, offers better and longer lasting results, is chemically free so kind to sensitive skin and, since the pure cotton we use is all that touches your skin, eyebrow threading is also a much more hygienic way of removing unwanted hair. With eyebrow threading you are less likely to experience skin irritations or ingrown hairs.

About your Eyebrow Threading treatment

Threading involves a very precise application of skill that uses knotted thread to catch and remove hairs from the follicle root, leaving your skin feeling smooth and clear. It is not a technique that is easily picked up and so for your ease and comfort and the best results it is important that you choose a technician well experienced in the art.

At Eye Candy Spa our threading therapists are trained with the proficiency and technique passed down through generations. She will carry out your treatment and ensure your experience with us goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible. The technician will work to gently but skillfully remove unwanted hair by rolling pure thinly twisted cotton thread over your hairline. The hair will be lifted from the follicle leaving you with natural-looking beautifully shaped eyebrows.

The effect lasts up to 4-6 weeks. Over time threading can train your eyebrows to naturally hold their shape better since regular exposure to the process discourages hair from growing in the areas that have been threaded.

Eyebrow Styles

When it comes to creating beautifully-shaped and glamorous-looking eyebrows, Eye Candy Spa is a brand name you can trust. Our experts are on hand to offer a truly individual approach to every customer to help you find that look that is naturally you.

Choose fromů
  • Bold A thick dramatic eyebrow that suits most face shapes
  • Caress A slightly rounded eyebrow that suits a heart shaped face
  • Classic A classic, timeless medium shaped eyebrow that suits most face shapes
  • Tantalizing A long, delicate, ultra thin brow with a slight arch for a finer and more glamorous look
  • Arched A slightly arched eyebrow that compliments oval faces and large eyes
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