Semi Permanent Eyelash  Extensions

Our semi permanent eyelash extensions are a popular choice for women who desire longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes everyday, without the need for mascara. 

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are quick to apply and will not clash with your busy lifestyle, whether you’re the sporty type running from workout to swimming session, an active stay at home mum managing a hectic family schedule, the sharp business type who needs to look the part to clinch that deal – or a combination of them all.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are simple to maintain, leaving you with a stunning and luscious flutter to enhance your natural beauty.

About your Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions treatment

Your Eye Candy Spa technician will talk with you about the effect you want and then help you to achieve the perfect look to flatter your facial features.

Your semi permanent eyelash extensions are easily maintained with regular in-fills and touch ups. Semi permanent lash extensions will last between 4 and 12 weeks depending on your natural lash growth cycle, lifestyle and general care of your lash extensions.  We tend to shed lashes every 60 to 90 days so we recommend a touch up every 2 or 3 weeks to help maintain a full set of lashes.

We offer a number of eyelash extension options to make it easier for you to get the type of effect you want, and all our treatments are pain free.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions – your options

1 on 1 Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

A semi permanent eyelash extension that uses a revolutionary treatment technique to attach a single synthetic lash on to your own natural lash hair so they look and blend in naturally with your own. Each hair sits on your lash and leaves you with length, thickness and a perfect look every day, all day. 1 on 1 semi permanent eyelash extensions is one of our most popular treatment choices as it delivers the volume and length you need for beautifully elegant eyes.

  • No need for mascara
  • Treatment is pain free
  • Ideal for any occasion – holiday, every day or special event
  • Water and heat resistant – can be worn while you shower, swim or visit the sauna
  • Lasts up to 3 months with regular maintenance
  • Patch test required


IndiPLUS Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Our IndiPLUS semi permanent eyelash extensions are the perfect choice for busy women who don’t want to compromise their look. It is a uniquely special eyelash extension application that attaches individual lash hairs of varying lengths to your own. Because of this, IndiPLUS eyelash extensions leave some of your own shorter hairs slightly visible in between so they look fuller at the base and thinner at the ends. The result is longer eyelashes that are elegantly gentle, natural and light.

  • No need for mascara
  • Ideal for holiday or everyday
  • Water and heat resistant – so can be worn in the sauna, shower or swimming pool
  • Treatment is pain free
  • Lasts for up to 4 weeks with regular maintenance
  • Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment

Flair Cluster Eyelash Extensions


A semi permanent eyelash extension technique that attaches clusters made up of 3 or 4 lashes to your natural lashes, giving you instant volume and length. Cluster lashes form a bulb at the base and flow out into a cluster at the end – hence the name. The procedure is therefore quicker than 1 on 1 eyelash extensions, taking your Eye Candy Spa technician just 20 to 25 minutes to apply a full set.

  • Water resistant
  • Perfect for everyday or holiday
  • Pain free to apply and wear
  • Ideal for any age, 15 to 50
  • Last up to 4 weeks
  • Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment
  • No appointment required

Strip Eyelash Extensions

If you like the freedom to remove your eyelash extensions with the rest of your makeup before you go to sleep at night then you might like to try Strip Eyelash extensions. They can be simply applied and enjoyed for up to 12 hours and then removed at the end of the day or whenever you want.

Strip Eyelash extensions offer you total flexibility and convenience to transform your flutter and look as you please.

  • Ideal for any occasion – holiday, every day or special event
  • You stay in control of application and removal
  • Lasts up to one day
  • No appointment required