3D - 4D Eyebrows

3D - 4D Eyebrows

Revolutionary Treatment For Perfectly Groomed Brows 4D Brow Sculpting Creating Brow Definition for everyone.


  • An ideal solution for those who have undergone Chemotherapy / Alopecia
  • A Non-tattoo semi-permanent brow hair effect
  • Ideal for sparse or no eyebrow
  • Can be applied to both natural eyebrow hair and skin
  • Thickens the brow
  • Covers gapsre
  • Increases the natural hair line
  • Vitamin enriched to promote hair growth
  • Creates a natural look
  • Perfect for brow line correction after Botox or other cosmetic facial injectables
  • Pain free
  • Can be easily removed
  • Colour can be matched to the natural brow shade
  • Frames the eyes for a youthful appearance
  • Water resistant
  • Smudge proof
  • Low maintenance
  • 15-45 minute treatments lasts up to 4 weeks
3D - 4D Eyebrows before and after Before and After 3D - 4D Eyebrows after Final Look

3D, 4D brow sculpture is a gel mineral enriched vitamin sculpting system that gives 2D, 3D Sculpting and 3D Structuring effects.

A salon professional treatment, this revolutionary sculpting system is applied by skillfully painting the formula, then brushing the brow area, sculpting tiny simulation hairs.

Additional feather light brow hairs can be applied using 3D,4D gel bonder, providing an additional 4D effect.

3D,4D brow sculpture gives ultimate brow definition, brow thickness, colour, shape and form. Suitable with or without any brow hair.

3D,4D brow sculpture lasts up to 4 weeks.